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Arabic and Islamic Religion Course (After School)



A primary aim of Islamic education is to cultivate the potential of an individual. The aim is to bring out the values of Islam into real life. With this purpose in mind, it is important to provide an environment for this development. There are no limits to the benefits of an Islamic education. It will help your child develop ethically and make good choices. NSISC has a stable  curriculum of Islamic education, which is administered and furnished  by an adroit and experienced faculty. Our teachers of the Islamic Curriculum are graduates with degrees in Islamic Institution.

To gain primary knowledge on Islamic Religion like Nurani , Pre –Hifz  and Hifz  we have special Curriculum that caters to a greater number of pupils of varied academic abilities.


Our aim is:

*To enable students and understand the meaning of the Quran. 


  • To equip students with sufficient knowledge and ability to lead salah,  understand and apply tajweed, recite the Holy-Quran correctly and beautifully,  follow sunnah in daily life and apply the essentials of dua & azkar.  


Why we emphasize on an Islamic curriculum

As part of our vision we intend to create well rounded individuals who have the knowledge of this world and hereafter with a strong foundation in Islamic principles, lifestyle and strong morals; it is a part of our academic objective to achieve this by ensuring the following qualities in our students, In Sha Allah:


Tahfiz Structure:

 Nurani or Pre-hifz

1.      Qaidah

2.      Correct reading of the Arabic letters (Makhraj)

3.      Tajweed with Fluency in reading and its application

4.      Daily Duas

5.      Fiqh


Hifz A

1.       Application of tajweed

2.       Beautification of recitation



Hifz B

1.       Complete memorization of the Quran 

2.       Excellence in Quality and beauty of recitation


Hifz of Quran

Completion of memorization of the Quran Recognition and Certificate award